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What to look for with hiring a Real Bearded Santa Claus in DFW.

Santa Claus is among the most iconic symbols of Christmas. He represents the gift sharing and compassion. In order to amplify the mood of your event or project for the holidays, it would be great to hire your very own Santa Claus. It attracts potential clients to your establishment and brings happiness to your guests. Booking the best Santa for your event might seem easy but there are actually several steps that you should consider in order to find the perfect one.

Know What You Want

In order to find the perfect Santa Claus entertainer, you must first visualize the entire theme and feel of your event or project. Would it be an adult get-together? A children’s party? An advertisement for your store’s holiday sale? A fundraising for cancer patients? Being able to finalize the direction of your event or project would help you identify what kind of Santa do you need.

People have varying opinions on the appearance of Santa Claus and how he should interact with guests and clients. There is a multitude of reasons why someone would hire a Santa Claus impersonator, and you should have that settled first. Should he be a modern Santa who wears fun costumes? Should the Santa actor look exactly like Father Christmas? Does he have to be naturally fat? Does he have to be over a certain age?

Considering that you only want to hire the best, you should opt for a Real Beard Santa entertainer. This type of professional naturally grows a thick beard so he looks convincingly like Santa, and not just some guy who you hired to wear a cheap looking costume. It makes your event look more put together.

It’s also essential to decide Santa’s duties. Is he there to accommodate kids who would sit on his lap, hear Christmas wishes, and distribute gifts? Would he have to read stories? Lead a sing-along of classic Christmas carols? Walk around the mall and greet shoppers passing by? Authentically Bearded Santa entertainers have different sets of skills that would best fit your needs.

Do Some Research

Professional Santa Claus performers are widely available, all you have to do is to look for them in the right places and platforms. There are independent professionals who have online profiles on sites such as LinkedIn and Yelp. There are also talent agencies that have websites and social media platforms such as Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. If ever you opt to find them through the web, you can check their reviews or do the necessary inquiries.

Another option is to visit holiday events and shopping malls to see Santa Claus impersonators in action. This method will further aid you in grasping a better imagery as to what kind professional you should hire. You can even possibly recruit or offer someone a job on the spot.

Similar with any job applicant, it is critical to check references. One major factor that you should consider is professionals who have previous experience in doing the job or have done proper training. These Santa actors should not only know how to act cute and mimic St. Nick’s traits, but also be equipped to handle children throwing tantrums or are frightened, and answer requests such as “I want a unicorn for Christmas”. Kids are frank when asking crazy questions like “how can your reindeers fly?” or “how do you fit down my chimney?”, so your Santa Claus must be ready for this. You must also look into what previous clients say about these professionals and how satisfied they were with the service.

You can also assess your potential Real Beard Santa Claus impersonator by looking through his portfolio. Check if he does indeed have a real beard and if it looks good enough for your taste.

Do an Interview

Interviewing your potential Santa Claus should help you to identify if he best suits your needs. You should know what other services does the professional offer as part of his appearance such as storytelling and singing, what his rate is, how long could he offer his services, and so much more.

Do a Background Check

Aside from researching and interviewing, you should go beyond that and do a more extensive screening process. It would be best to conduct a thorough background check on the potential Santa that you might hire. It should include routine checks such as drug tests, driving records, and more. You should also look into the national offender database and national criminal records database. These professionals must also carry entertainer liability insurance.

To avoid the hassle of the Christmas season and not being able to find the perfect Naturally Bearded Santa performer for your event, you must start this planning, screening, and booking your Santa actor ahead of time.

Hiring a real beard Santa Claus in DFW can be a lot of work. Mysti+Allen has already done all the work for you! Contact us today, and we will find you stupendous real bearded Santa Claus for your Christmas event.