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What does it Cost to Hire a Professional Santa Claus Entertainer?

Each Santa Claus entertainer is different. You can hire Santas who offer really low rates but don’t expect the best performance, props, attire, and overall look. You can also opt for a Santa Claus performer who has a real beard and belly, and only uses high-quality costumes and props. This type of Santa has a higher hourly rate considering that he looks more like Father Christmas.

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Rates may also vary on the experience of the Santa entertainer, location, date, and length of the event. Expect higher rates on weekends, Christmas eve, and on Christmas day. Santa impersonators are paid by the hour, so if even you end up needing him longer than what you initially agreed to, our hardworking Santas charges a higher rate for every extra hour. Furthermore, if the location of your event is a bit more difficult to go to, Santa might have extra charges if the transportation is more expensive than usual.

Do you want a background checked and insured Santa Claus actor?  Those are additional costs and will drive up the price too.

Santas also offer a wide array of additional services such as song performances, so you can expect their rates can also tend to be higher since they offer more services.

We want to offer the best Santa Claus services in town. Unlike other companies, HireSanta does not have hidden charges. Everything will be clearly discussed and agreed upon by both parties prior to your event.

With all of that being said, you should expect to pay be between $195 to $295 an hour, or more, for a Santa Claus performer.  Again, you do get what you pay for.  The cost also depends on the number of hours you need.  The more hours you need the lower the hourly rate.  

If you are looking for a Zoom Call with Santa or Facetime with Santa we can also help you with that. The rate is generally less than $50.

We have Real Bearded Santa Claus entertainers all over the US.  Call or email us to discuss how we can help associate your brand with Christmas or Bring the Season to Life at company or home party.   

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